Why Should I Whiten?

dentist in newmarketWith time and diet, our teeth often stain and become dull. With all the coffee, tea, wine and other foods we eat, even proper maintenance is not enough to give us the “wow” smile we would like. Even regular professional cleanings cannot restore the original color of your smile. Whitening can restore our teeth to their natural colour or even make them whiter and brighter. Whitening does NOT have any negative effects on your teeth. The teeth are not more prone to cavities and it does not weaken the teeth either.

Dr. Gray and his conservative dentistry team offer two great options for whitening systems to their patients.

Nite White At Home Whitening System

Nite White – Teeth Whitening – Newmarket Dental Office

Nite White is a take home system that many of our patients have had great success with. Custom trays are fabricated to fit your teeth comfortably and we explain how to get the best results at home. You generally whiten nightly for 2 to 3 weeks before returning to the office for a follow up so we can make sure you are getting the desired results. Most patients see results of 4 to 8 shades whiter! With the trays you can “touch up” at any time allowing you to maintain your results.

Nite White system uses concentrations carbamide peroxide which is the bleaching agent in the product. It also contains ACP- amorphous calcium phosphate- which aids in enamel protection and helps reduce sensitivity.

What about Laser Whitening?

Laser whitening or in office whitening is available at many dental offices. We have decided not to offer this service at our Newmarket dental office because in our opinion it is less effective that Nite White. With laser whitening you can get whiter teeth in a short period of time while in the dental office but much of that improvement is caused by the dehydration of the tooth surface caused by this type of whitening. This means many people who get this in office type of whitening still end up using take home kits like Nite White to obtain the results they want.

Nite White is also a more cost effective method of whitening for our patients.

Permanent Whitening

Yes, there is a solution to whitening your teeth that is permanent. Veneers are a great way to permanently whiten your teeth! Due to the composition of dental veneers they are not susceptible to staining like your real teeth.  To learn more about veneers visit our Dental Veneers page.

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